Mežica in Slovenia – World-Famous Locality of Wulfenite

Dalibor Velebil – National museum, Prague, Czech republic
Minerál (Brno) 13 (2005), 2, 105–112


At the deposit of lead and zinc between the villages Mežica and Črna in Slovenia lead was mined since 17th century till 1994. Since 19th century, sphalerite had also been processed, besides galena, as the zinc ore. As a secondary ore, wulfenite forming rich local accumulations was also mined as the molybdenum ore. Lead and zinc ores occur within several stratigraphic horizons of the Triassic carbonate rocks. Several types of galena and sphalerite ore formations are developed at the deposit including stratabound ores, ore veins and so called coral ores.

Keywords: Triassic period, limestone, dolomite, galena, sphalerite, wulfenite

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